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Tuesday, Mar 17, 2020

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Workouts | 0 comments

Workout of The Day

5 RFR: Push-up, Plank hold, V-up, Hollow hold
Complete 5 rounds for reps of:
30 sec Push-ups
30 sec Plank hold

rest 2 minutes

Complete 5 rounds for reps of:
30 sec V-ups
30 sec Hollow hold

*Score=Total reps of push-ups and v-ups

Daily Challenge: Turn off the screens 30 minutes before bed
Turn off the screens (phone, tv, etc) 30 minutes before bed.

Read a book or have calm time with your kids (Lol! What am I kidding?! Kids get extra crazy before bedtime.)

*Score=Time without screens. (Post score tomorrow morninig so you stay away from the screen)

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