Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Rosa Park, a member of CrossFit Toronto’s Bootcamp Program.

Rosa at Park CrossFit Toronto's Bootcamp

Rosa Park at CrossFit Toronto’s Bootcamp

Week 3 starts.

By now, I’m waking up without my alarm going off.

I think waking up early is part of the training.

We learn how to do dumbbell thruster, which is a marriage of a squat and shoulder press.

You hold two dumbbells on your shoulders and do a squat with your back straight, and push your arms all the way up using the momentum of getting up from the squat.

I’m still struggling with the push-ups, especially since we’re doing hand release push-ups to ensure our chest is touching the floor, and that we’re engaging our chest muscles.

Week 3 Day 2 – Back squat day

We were in for ‘a treat’. We had the opportunity to do some back squats with barbells.

My partner Ryna and I went up to 95lbs by the last set!

The key to doing back squat with weights is to have the legs hip width apart, keep the core tight with a focus on keeping the back straight, and avoid arching forward to prevent injuries.

Having the weight as opposed to doing air squats helped me control my movements more, and made me take my time to do each one properly.


In addition to our strength portion of our workout was the Tabata, which is a high intensity interval training workout of 4 minutes, where you go full force for 20 seconds with 10 second rest for 8 reps (equals to 4 minutes)

CrossFit Tabata Timer

Tabatas are great, even when you are just at home. I have an awesome app called the Tabata Timer if this is something you want to do ‘for fun’.

The Tabata workout consisted of pull ups, push ups, sit ups and squats.

I found that after 2 weeks of Bootcamp I felt much stronger doing all of these moves.

Although that feeling quickly goes away after the first few rounds of the tabata, I still feel like I am way stronger now than I was 2 weeks ago! Practice makes perfect.

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