Andy, after a doing battle with a rough workout.  Nice work!

“The most successful people in the world think for themselves. They aren’t guided by secret puppet masters. Successful people get their hands dirty, take chances, experiment with new ideas and continually strive to improve. They view best as something that can always be made better. Best therefore remains a moving target.

From a business standpoint, Bill Gates offers a prime example. As I’ve said before, he didn’t take a class on how to become Bill Gates. Yes, he surely had mentors along the way, but he had to figure things out for himself. There wasn’t a book or course that outlined his future business model. If such a book had existed, someone would have already used it.

Unfortunately, I’m not here to tell you how to become the next Bill Gates. I wish I knew. My point with this entry is to instead encourage you to think for yourself. You will only go so far if someone else thinks for you. The time will come when you must find things out for yourself.”

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Complete 3 rounds for time of:

  • 84 Double-unders
  • 21 Deadlift (boys: 225#; girls: 155#)
John Vivian

John Vivian

John is an owner and co-founder of CrossFit Toronto and Primal Athletes, and a Certified CrossFit Trainer Level 3 (CCFT).
John Vivian

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