Workout of The Day

For time: Row, Pull-up, Shoulder-to-overhead
Complete the following for time:
2500m Row
Then 4 rounds of:
25 Pull-ups
25 Shoulder-to-overhead (boys: 50kg; girls: 35kg)

-Score: Time
-One person working at a time.
-2 barbells per team.
-Divide workload in any way.

Front squat for time
Front squat 4000kg for time

-One person working at a time.
-2 barbells per team.
-Rack use is permitted.
-Competitors must choose weight and therefore reps before the event starts. Weight selection must be confirmed by a judge before the event starts (time will be allotted for this). Weight can not be changed once event begins.
-Once weights AND reps are selected by competitors, NO deviations from their chosen weights and reps is permitted.

EMOM 10: Power clean, Burpee
Perform 5 Power cleans every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. (boys: 50kg; girls: 35kg)

Complete as many burpees as possible in remaining of the minute.

-Score: Total reps of burpees
-One person working at a time.
-Athletes may switch stations 1 time during the event.

Machiko Emoto

Machiko is an owner and co-founder of CrossFit Toronto and Primal Athletes and a CrossFit Level II certified trainer.

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