What others are saying about us

I am blown away each time in terms of the quality of workout and instruction from all the coaches at CrossFit Toronto!

Being the FIRST CrossFit gym in Toronto, I had high expectations as they’re (John Machiko) one of the few Level II instructors in Toronto, and they definitely didn't disappoint.

I first started off with a Bootcamp back in September 2011 and I've never looked back.

Will Lam

I had tried CrossFit at a few different gyms all over the country before moving to Toronto.

A friend told me to jump into the Bootcamp class at CrossFit Toronto to get it back into my routine and get my butt in gear.

A year later and I am still going 5 days a week and have completely changed my body. Each and every one of the coaches has taken a special interest in my training and have taught me absolutely everything I know.

Alena H.

The CrossFit Toronto gym has knowledgeable and helpful staff that will help you get in the best shape of your life. They are open to questions, even criticism.

Alain L.

As a visitor to Toronto and relatively new to CrossFit, I thought the class was great and the instructors were extremely helpful and supportive.

A Google User

Do things you never thought you could do.
Be better than you thought you could be!

I want to get started

After day one, I left CROSSFIT feeling energized with the ability to do more! I thought to myself “this is only day one, don’t get too excited. Orientation days are always a pleasure”.

Low and behold, despite my soreness that hit on day 3, I find that this week has proven to do be just that … energizing.

Justin Singh

I stopped in for drop in during my last trip to Toronto. I am a member of CrossFit in my hometown and wanted to continue training during my trip.

I am really grateful that CrossFit Toronto let me train with them. The gym is probably best described as a bit ‘old school’.

It is located in what looks like a converted warehouse. I actually love this environment because it has the high ceilings and the feel of a no-nonsense CrossFit box.

Matthew C.