Nexus One

Personal Training has Evolved

What is Nexus One?

Nexus One is an evolution in training.

It knows that fitness extends beyond the gym, that well-being doesn't come in a package or pill, and that transformations come through focus and dedication.

Nexus One is a stronger body, smarter choices, and better living.

Integrated Approach

To achieve real fitness, you need more than just the gym.

You need a whole-life view.

Years of clinical observations tells us that nutrition & recovery are key pieces to the fitness puzzle, just as important as exercise itself.

By finding the right balance, you'll be set for success from Day 1.

Personal Blueprint

You're unique. Your training should be, too.

To start, you'll work with your personal coach to build a game plan based on your goals, fitness level, and schedule.

Change is inevitable, so, ongoing communication with your coach is critical to your ongoing progress.

They'll refine and shape your personalised strategy based on shifts in your needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Your Team

Trainers are obsolete.

Nexus One gives you an expert coach to guide you through your journey.

Years of experience allow our coaches to create unique programs that deliver striking results and help improve overall quality of life.

Why Work With Us?

You get passionate, inspiring coaches, a well-equipped facility, and a proven training system.

The real question is: why would you work with anyone else?

Ready to start? So are we!

Let's get going!

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Who you'll meet with...

Machiko Emoto is one of the founders of CrossFit Toronto.

  • Coaching since 2005 with numerous certifications including, mobility, endurance, nutrition, and weightlifting.
  • Two beautiful children. Silly husband. Amazing German Shepherd.
  • Likes to nap. Dreams of napping more.
Machiko Emoto