Jay Field and the boys at CrossFit Toronto

Jay (right) and his buds, also CFTO members James (left) and Duncan (centre)

Allow my to introduce myself, my name is Jay Field and I’ve been hooked on CrossFit since January 2012. I began when I was on a working/holiday visa in Sydney, Australia. After 6 months I moved to Queenstown, New Zealand on another working/holiday visa where I continued to dive deeper into olympic weightlifting and grueling circuits for 5 months.

Upon returning back to Canada I was at CrossFit Transition and Cordis in Oakville for a few months before relocating to Toronto. I initially joined CrossFit 416 but quickly made the switch to CrossFit Toronto after my complimentary first class. I have been a member for the past 3 months, going consistently about 4 times per week and have never looked back because the atmosphere of the gym, the location and its members.

While I found myself getting much stronger but when I halted my membership in anticipation of moving across the country I felt it all start to fall apart.

CrossFit is such a productive exercise option because it doesn’t only change your physical state, it alters your mental as well. When I was in a routine during the summer I hesitated to do anything harmful to my body because I knew what it would mean – a lot of pain when the WOD came around.

For a rolling stone like me, I’ve become used to the process of changing gyms. At this point in time I’ve trained many different gyms.  However, that doesn’t mean the stop and go has gotten any easier. It was only 4 weeks that I stepped away from my CrossFit routine but I caught myself slipping into old habits quickly.

CrossFit providing the Foundation and Structure for a Lifestyle Geared Towards Fitness

While I will always be a very social individual I recognized that I was going out with my friends a lot more, and having more beers than if I had to worry about completing a few demanding WOD’s that week.  It was CrossFit that gave the foundation to a fitness focused structure towards my ideal lifestyle.

I was eating out a lot more because when I do less intense exercise I felt that my diet didn’t affect my ability to perform nearly as much. These unhealthy decisions didn’t really throw me off when doing some at home yoga or running for a few kilometres around the city, but when it came to the intensity required for CrossFit, I was in for a rude reawakening.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I wasn’t sure where I was going to be living, and by that I mean I wasn’t even sure which province. I had the intention of moving from Toronto to Vancouver at the end of the summer in pursuit of the mountains and ocean but ended up cancelling my ticket last minute to stay in Toronto.

I knew I had to make some serious moves. I needed to get back into the game at CrossFit Toronto

When it was solidified that I was staying here and moving into a new house with my 2 friends, Jamie and Duncan that also train at CrossFit Toronto, I knew I had to make some serious moves. I needed to get back into the game. I needed to shift my priorities once more and go through that same brutal experience that I have endured a few times since January 2012.

It was time to get back into CrossFit. When I got back into the swing of things, months ago,  I barely made it out alive after lifting weights for the first time in a month but here I am a week later, and having completed 4 WODs since.

I would like to welcome you on my journey to a healthier life. I will continue to balance it with beers and cheeseburgers every now and then but will strive to experiment with different diets and training tactics. This time I’m here for good; physically and mentally. Let’s do this because I can’t handle leaving this beautiful but unforgiving beast ever again.

Want to surround yourself with people who will push and support you into getting into the best shape of your life?

Editor’s note: This is CFTO member, Jay Field’s first blog post who will be recounting his approach to fitness as well as what he’s learning at CrossFit Toronto while he works towards becoming CrossFit Level 1 Certified by September 2014. He has own personal blog, where he has committed to doing something active everyday – from yoga to running to CrossFit and everything in between.

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