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The Preface:

So this started as an installment of what I call “Hot CrossFit Mommys!”  You would have to be blind not to notice the many hot mommys we have… and I swear I will make my way to each of you as you are all an amazing inspiration!

So I thought it would be fun to do a double post on a hot mommy duo – the lovely pair – Viki and Kathy!

Kathy was a gold-star student and sent me her homework right away. She warned she is a gal of few words and I may need to fluff some! So I told her I had my Botox ready. Well then Viki sent me her 8 pages…and I had to switch to Lipo. With great care, I nipped and tucked! Few words, or 500 words…they were amazing words, and I wanted to capture them all.

This is their story. Told mainly by Viki, in her beautiful open and easy natured way, but you will feel Kathy’s modest but incredibly important presence each step of the way.

This is a shout out to our CrossFit Moms, but trust me, it’s so very relative to all of us.

(t-dot sio)


a (1) : a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something (2) : an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking (3) : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure b : a revealing scene or moment

Kathy (or as I affectionately call her, Kas) and I started CrossFit in April of this year. It was my husband, Peter that discovered CrossFit. Kathy and Peter are besties from back in the day – they met in their teens and he is her “brother-from-another!”

Peter wanted to help me find the ‘thing’ that would get my Mojo back, as he was witness to my various breakdowns and there seemed no way out of them for me. I couldn’t seem to find my thing – nothing that I could stick to and sustain. Kathy was very much in the same place, maybe not as dark as mine at that time, but in a rut nonetheless. And so together, we three, took on the first month of Bootcamp.

We all weighed in like good Bootcampers and signed on (unofficially) for the paleo/zone challenge. I actually weighed food for the first time in my life. If you were to see my meal plan, you would understand the depth of my insanity.

We were there every morning at 6am without fail, Monday to Friday. We felt pain like we never knew, and in places we were unaware we even had muscles! After the four weeks, Pete lost 8lbs and discovered a whole new way of getting lean and maintaining his muscle mass while not hurting his old bod (he is 45 you know!). Kas had lost over 5lbs and proudly admitted to being hooked, and showed performance improvements by 20% or so. Then there was me… I was the only one in the class that actually gained a pound!!! Let me repeat…GAINED A POUND! Despite this scale-sabotage, my performance rocked! I improved my time by almost 45% and felt more energy than I had in years!!!

What you should know about me before I continue, is that my entire life has been defined by that which I must work hard(er) at. I have never been one to take the easy route. For example; I have a natural talent in arts, drawing and language, so instead I took maths, sciences and algebra in school.

I was mousy, quiet and painfully shy through my 20’s and yet now, in my 40’s I stand in front of Presidents and VP’s of major companies, of massive global brands, and convince them that I am a marketing genius!!  HA!  My father and exes believed that I would be princess-like, earning me the title of a ‘pretty little thing.’ Yet I’ve worked my ass off and achieved some pretty amazing things in my career, if I may say so myself. I do not get along well with most women, but have found unbelievable mentors in women who have undeniably shaped who I am today. Oh…and I love to laugh!!!

The BFBK (Before Forty and Before Kids)

In my BFBK period, I was a lean, mean running/dancing machine. Kathy, Peter and I would hit the gym at least 5 days a week, running 3-5 km each time. I always liked to step it up, so I took on boxing and Tae Kwon Do (which is why I grunt all the time). I did every class imaginable, and got everyone else moving too, and kept up with the best of them. Whatever I wanted to do, I did.

After Hannah, I had no problems getting my BK body back. I only took about 4 weeks off after she was born, and then it was back to my 5am gym routine everyday. Despite the fact that I did not sleep for about a year, working out was my escape…my mental break.,, my salvation! And then came Julien! It took me a little longer to get back in the swing of things after baby #2, but I did ok in that first year before going back to work.

Enter “return to work”..that’s where it all fell apart!

For the past 5 years, I’ve been swinging 30-40lbs of extra body weight like a kettle bell drill. I was at a point where I had never felt less motivated, less energy and less attractive – a very dark period for me both personally and professionally. For the first time ever, I couldn’t see the way out of it.

It was in that first month of Bootcamp, watching Ryan whoop ass on the “other side” where the “big kids” played in the CrossFit classes…I knew that this would be my way out, a return to “me.”

I had GAINED a pound, and not of muscle I am sure – really, who the [email protected]#$% gains weight after 4 weeks/5 times a week + diet with only one cheat meal a week?! This, combined with the challenge of becoming a “big kid”, was my motivation. I wasn’t going to be beat…and that’s all it took…I became determined to get it. True to my DNA, I had to overcome it…conquer it.

My body is a mess! My knees are a mess, and I was doubtful how well I’d fare in CrossFit. I soon came to realize that much of the pain I feel today, is because I was doing so many exercises wrong!!! I also now know, that this training is like NOTHING I have ever done before. This training painfully spotlights my weaknesses and makes me want to tackle them. This training gives me more energy than the best cup of java in the city. This training makes my old workouts seem like child’s play. This training makes you re-think everything you know about exercise and nutrition. This training teaches you that the only one you cheat is YOURSELF!!

But above all, this training comes with unbelievable personalities that I have not encountered often in my life. The women! Yeah, women that I don’t generally get along with or relate to…you all broke the mold.

Deanne – my first inspiration when she yelled “don’t you dare cheat yourself out of that last pull-up” (my nemesis). She also encouraged Kathy and I to keep a diary of our WOD’s, so we do! Aimee – so awesome to watch. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE the ‘quiet warrior’…so befitting of her. I cannot explain how happy I am that she is chasing a dream. I would watch in awe as she got through the WOD’s with sheer determination and modesty. I’ve caught myself staring at her wondering what is going through her mind that gets her through the pain. Leah – who knew so much power could come in such a little, beautiful package. YOU, my dear – so focused and serious with perfect form and awesome body. Lisa – holy cow!!!! Her abs and arms actually make me choke! Laura, Cynthia, Alice, Machiko…I mean really! How many more fabulous women can you fit in one gym (at least at 6am anyways)??

Peter has never been prouder of me. He knows the pain I endure with every work out, yet I won’t give into it anymore. He has started to notice definition back in this old bod…like my shoulders, my calves, my quads! Even my biceps and triceps have decided to make a modest appearance. My kids think I rock and can’t wait to participate in another class. The summer solstice was such a highlight for them, Julien still does burpees whenever in the mood. And every morning, as I get home, they both ask me ‘how was your work-out mommy?’. I proudly show off my hands that show the proof of the “torture” I’ve endured! Princess…my ass!!

So now you know my secret. You see, I don’t feel like a ‘mommy’ when at CrossFit. I don’t feel like I’m competing against some showgirl with designer wear and fully made-up ‘gym babe face’ when I’m there. I don’t feel like a social butterfly when I’m there. I feel like pumping out the best damn WOD I can for that day. I feel this because I am surrounded and inspired and supported by some fantastic ladies. Boys too – Ryan is hilarious, John fixes my every move, Paul takes the wimp out of me, and Alex the constant motivator. Tyler…who better to get you through that last round and last push!

But never have I felt such honesty out of the ladies, as I have at this gym. I am surrounded by them, and every pain I feel goes away in that moment. Every tired yawn disappears and I am awakened in that moment. Every sleepless night turns into pure energy and power in that moment. The rest of my day is nothing compared to that damned WOD. If I can get through some of those, then I can pretty much deal with anything that comes my way. To you ladies, I can relate. To you ladies, I do listen and admire. And I am better for it.

Speaking of ladies….Kas, cover your eyes, this is all about you!!

I’ve known Kathy for about 15 years. I met her when I met Pete. For a better part of that time, she was always Peter’s friend, his lil’ sister. I respected that dearly. We both shared a wonderful man for a friend in Pete, someone who seemed wiser than us both. We both had kids within months of each other. Both had our girls first, then our boys second. We have worked within 10 blocks of each other for 15 years and counting, worked out at the same gym for that time, and lived within blocks of each other for the past 8 years. And together we embarked on this crazy CrossFit thing together! Now, we are more than just friends through Pete, we are girl friends. Every morning now, we text each other to make sure we’re awake and going to CrossFit. Every morning we look forward to the WOD’s and push each other through them. On the days we can’t work out together we miss each other, but cheer the other in spirit. We are now connected all day long. Checkin’ in…making sure we’re ok.

(t-dot sio)Did CrossFit bring you Closer?

(Miss Viki)  Have we grown closer? Absolutely! I think that we understand each other so much more and realize that though we are very different, we feel the very same things. Our biggest challenge has been to overcome the guilt you feel over everything when you become a mother. Together, we try to knock that guilt off each other with the same force that nature packs into a hurricane (dramatic, yes, but it feels like that! hee hee). And we both know that nothing is easy, that despite always feeling extraordinarily exhausted, this is it for us. We have both come to love and appreciate the girl power thing. We certainly both love the challenge.

So, with every article you write (which we’re both addicted to now), we believe in ourselves and each other even more, and the closer we have become. We still struggle trying to find a rhythm to stick to, like we did in the old days! We wing it every day. Who knows what will happen? Who gets sick? Who lets us down? We do the best we can every day, and whatever we don’t get done this day, there’s always the next day. But now, we do it together. We get through it together. And we laugh about it together!! And uh…shhhhh, we drink our wine together!

(Kathy) How can our friendship NOT improve? There are not too many people you can love at that hour of the morning, We push each other, kick each other (via text) out of bed everyday! Now we even drink together!

(t-dot sio) Any gal envy?

(Miss Viki)  She is fiercely stronger and fitter than I am, but I can turn any paleo meal into a yummy gourmet dish…even for the kids! She can rock jeans like nobody’s bizness with her very enviable asset, but it is yours truly who finally got her to buy her first LBD (little black dress) and made her wear 4 inch heels (even if only for a picture). That’s my signature – rockin’ heels with sexy little frocks worthy of red carpet.

(Kathy) I hate that fact that V can kick my ass in the kitchen, on the dance floor and apparently out drink me! I hate that she walks into CrossFit smiling, and leaves smiling!

(t-dot sio) What’s Different?

(Kathy) I had always trained in a typical gym, but was looking to spice it up a little, something different, something to challenge myself. With CrossFit, my overall fitness has improved and so has my cardio. Gone are the days of treadmills and ellipticals – I refuse to do “indoor” cardio at the gym

At home, my kids think I’m a super star! My daughter can’t wait to go to CrossFit. I brought her in and she is the queen of pull-ups and rope climbing, and my son is the king of burpees.

They are great for catching me cheating on my nutrition, asking “are you supposed to eat that?” This is usually followed by a request to take a trip to “Ed’s!”

As for fitting it all in. I’m just hooked! Why else would anyone in their right mind get up at 5:30am everyday, and spend huge amounts of money on Concealer!

(t-dot sio) Fave WOD?

(Miss Viki) I don’t actually think I have a fave WOD. I love and hate them ALL!!! I will admit that my fave thing is that feeling in your gut, that breathless anticipation just prior to knowing what you are about to do as words appear on that board while Ryan or John post the WOD!!!! Know what I mean?? BRUTAL.

My strength is my weakness – I cannot do an unassisted pull-up or a push up from my toes. So, I’ve been doing extra warm-ups everyday (adding push ups, dips and ring lift thing-a-ma-gigs) to build strength. I heard John say that you don’t deserve to go to the next level if you can’t pull yourself up! So, yep, I took that as a challenge and I’m getting there. My kipping is coming along and I’ve downgraded the bands (and I can feel it) Soon, I’ll be ready for that damn level assessment!!

(Kathy) Anything the trainers have to yell at me a lot for! I HATE anything involving kipping or sprinting!

(t-dot sio) Best skill?

(Kathy) My attendance…I can’t live a day without it. (t-dot sio) At this point I have to intervene. Kathy is the quiet modest type. If you know and have seen Kathy, she is determined and strong. Check out her arms and back…this gal has got some impressive muscle going on! She is also a listener…and this is an invaluable skill. She seeks feedback on her technique and advice for improvement. She wants to learn. Don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanor…she’s got a lot of fierce in her and pushes hard!

(Miss Viki) I think I have pretty good form with the clean & jerks. At the end of the day, I believe I do everything pretty well…not excellent and impressively, just do it well.

My only goal in this is to continuously get better, healthier, stronger, fitter. I want to take my time because this is a lifestyle change, one that can fit in with all of the craziness that is my life right now and most importantly is sustainable. I want to stop the weight swings and feeling unhealthy. I don’t expect the old bod back. Not sure that I will ever be able to do a muscle-up, or break 300 on FGB at this stage in my life. Not sure that my name will stand beside Aimee’s, Leah’s, Cynthia’s and Lisa’s on the board. Not sure that I will ever be as strong as Kathy, and show off such pipes or rock a bikini like she does. But I do know that I have found the mindset, values and determination that I can put my name on. And that is the real reason why I CrossFit. That is my biggest epiphany to date. It’s so damn simple, isn’t it??

High Five to these incredible ladies that workout with you everyday, push it just as hard as you, leave panting, and then go home and shower love on their kiddies with just as much energy!  Make sure you give some love to a Hot CrossFit Mommy today.


For time:

  • 20 Dumbbell hang cleans (boys: 55#; girls: 35#)
  • Run 100m
  • 15 Dumbbell hang cleans (boys: 55#; girls: 35#)
  • Run 100m
  • 10 Dumbbell hang cleans (boys: 55#; girls: 35#)
  • Run 100m
  • 5 Dumbbell hang cleans (boys: 55#; girls: 35#)
  • Run 100m
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