Healthy Hallowe’en?

by | Oct 22, 2009 | Workouts | 1 comment


Halloween is looming… have you chosen a costume?  Any parties on the books?  May I make a suggestion?  Bring this to your next Halloween paleo pot luck and you’ll be the belle of the ball: Meat Head.  Maybe you could make tiny shrunken versions of the meat head and pass them out instead of candy.  Creepy and healthy!

If you’re into passing out non-food items for Halloween, you could educate your neighborhood tofu addicts and give out copies of The Vegetarian Myth (Check out the excellent review by Mistress Krista over at Stumptuous).


Shoulder press 5-5-5 reps

1 Comment

  1. Todd

    I’ll read your book if you read Diet For A New America. Deal?


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