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Gym Bag Essentials for Your Best Post-workout Hair

by | May 24, 2018 | General | 0 comments

A busy lifestyle can put your workouts on hold. With adulthood, comes responsibility. With responsibility, comes lack of any free time. Your life basically becomes a giant balancing act, and your workout is usually the first thing to get crossed off the list.

For many of us ladies, managing sweaty post-workout hair becomes a major time concern. If you’ve ever skipped a workout because you did your hair or figured you wouldn’t have time for a post-workout shower, then you know the struggle I’m talking about. Lucky for you, by following some simple tips, you’ll find it easier to make time for the gym and freshen up in a pinch!

Lay off the shampoo!

It used to be taboo to admit that you weren’t washing your hair every day. To whatever expert or celebrity that made this socially acceptable, thank you! Although water is considered beneficial to most factors of your health, rinsing your hair out too frequently can dry out your scalp! Deep cleansing shampoos accelerate this problem further by depleting your hair of its natural oils. Therefore, you might want to think twice about how often you are shampooing your hair. In most cases, you should be shampooing 2-3 times per week, and basing these washes around your less busy, sweatier times.

Dry shampoo is a must

Between hair washes, try applying a dry shampoo prior to your workout. The oil-absorbing formula will work to combat excess perspiration and give your hair a fresh fragrance (without washing? Say what?). That’s right! When you’re finished with your workout, dry shampoo can be applied again to further remove any build-up of oil or grime. Just avoid applying the product to damp or sweaty hair, as moisture can make it difficult to blend in and distribute evenly. Using a blow dryer on a cool setting and targeting the middle and back areas of your scalp (often the dampest sections) can help to accelerate the drying time.

With dry shampoo, sometimes less is more. Even 3 spritzes throughout different sections of your hair can be enough to prevent the accumulation of oil and odor. The product will also help provide some extra texture and pliability, giving you fresh and voluminous post-workout hair!

A little texture anyone?

If dry shampoo has become your go-to gym bestie, you may also want to consider investing in a good dry texturizing spray. Like dry shampoo, dry texturizing sprays feature an oil-absorbing component to protect against any build up of sweat (although not quite as effectively as dry shampoo). However, texturizing sprays go a step further, by better locking your hairstyle in place. We recommend using a dry texturizing spray with a lightweight formula on any areas in need of some extra volume or grit.

Don’t forget some extra hydration!

Although dry shampoo and dry texturizing sprays can work wonders for prolonging your freshness and eliminating grease between washes, both products can have a drying effect on your scalp if used frequently. For this reason, we recommend touching up with a bit of leave-in conditioner. Unlike dry shampoo, leave-in conditioner requires your hair to be wet before application. The formula will help seal in the moisture in your follicles, keeping your hair healthy and hydrated. Leave-in conditioners can be used in conjunction with your regular shampoo and conditioner. The added hydration will help reduce frizz and tangling, while also making it easier to style into post-workout looks.

Avoid kinks and dents with the right hair tie

We get it. You want your hair up and out of the way. But who wants to deal with post-ponytail creases? Ditch your usual elastics and consider a ribbon hair tie or a traceless hair tie (you know, the ones that look like a telephone cord from the 80’s?). Both types will work to hold your updo in place, without leaving any crease or dent.

To maximise your time between washes, you should be avoiding that oh-so-easy ponytail, too. I know it’s basically instinct to throw your hair together like so before hitting the gym at this point. However, if your back or shoulders tend to get a little sweaty when you work out, the ends of your ponytail have no problem joining in on the fun. This can undo all the preventative care you decided to do! Instead, stick to an updo that not only gets your hair away from your face, but off your back too. Some of our favourite are a top knot or a high bun. Try wearing these styles loosely (the messier, the better!), to avoid pulling too tightly on your scalp and to fall more naturally into post-workout styles.

Try these styling tips and others from eSalon, a company renowned for their line of custom hair color.

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