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Please give us a call at 647-351-6336 if you need any help.

1. Who will I be meeting?

You’ll meet with Machiko, one of the owners and founders of CrossFit Toronto.

You can read more about her here.

2. How much does training cost?

Our memberships range between 139 and 209 per month. Our most popular plan is 179.

You can see all of our plans & packages here.

3. How long are your contracts?

We don’t have contracts.

All of our plans are billed monthly. You are free to stay or leave as you please.

4. What is the youngest / oldest you work with?

Generally our minimum age is 10. We can and do make exceptions, so, please speak with us if you have someone under 10.

We have no maxmium age provided your doctor has cleared you for execise.

Please give us a call at 647-351-6336 if you need any help.

Who you'll meet with...

Machiko Emoto is one of the founders of CrossFit Toronto.


Coaching since 2005.


Holds numerous certifications including, mobility, endurance, nutrition, and weightlifting.


Two beautiful children. Supportive husband. Amazing German Shepherd.


Loves naps. Dreams of napping more.