Friday, Mar 27, 2020

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Workout of The Day

Practice animal walk for 20 mins
Practice animal walk for 20 minutes, spend 30-60 seconds at a time at each station:
Duck walk (0:10)
Bunny hop (0:27)
Bear crawl (hips high, straight legs)
Bear crawl (hips low)
Crab walk (1:20)
Chameleon (2:30)
Scorpion (2:57)
Bear-Crab roll (4:14)
Monkey roll (4:35)

Use the video below for reference:

Virtual class 9:30am

Virtual class 5:00pm

Daily Challenge: Reconnect
Call/text your friend who you haven’t seen for a while and let them know that you care about them.

*Score =How much fun you had on a scale of 1-5 (1: the nightmare, 5: so much fun!)

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