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Do’s and Don’ts for the CrossFit Open

by | Feb 28, 2018 | General

CrossFit Toronto has been involved with the CrossFit Open since it’s inception in 2011 when it replaced the Sectionals leading up to the CrossFit Games.

The Open has given massive numbers of people a chance to rank themselves among the world of CrossFit athletes and over that time we’ve developed some thoughts on how most people might best approach the workouts and the challenges they  present.

While there’s a ton of breakdowns and analysis of the CrossFit Open workouts, most of them aren’t relevant to the regular CrossFit trainee (that’s most of us).

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t participate in the Open. No, no. Far from it. There’s potentially tons to be gained from participating.

So, without further ado, here are our 5 Dos and Don’ts for navigating the CrossFit Open:

(Disclaimer: This advice is meant for the majority of CrossFit trainees. This is not meant for those who will likely be going to Regionals; you know who you are.)


Set realisitic expectations.

This is an opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Do Not…

Expect to “rise to the occasion”.

This isn’t the movies and no amount of pump up, “beast mode” anthem music will change that.


Be yourself.

Approach workouts with the same mentality and use the same technique you normally use.

Do Not…

Try to emulate other athletes.

Now is not the time for change. Besides, we’re all different; what works for one athlete might not work for you.


Pay attention.

Analyse your performance and make a plan to address areas for improvement.

Do Not…

“Redo” an Open Workout.

Nothing major will change with a “redo”. All you’ll achieve is messing with your current training cycle.



Plan to include the Open Workouts in your regular training regime, not as a supplemental or extra workout.

Do Not…

Neglect your program.

If you’re not going to the Games this year, stay on track with your program. There’s always next year. Or the year after that.


Enjoy it!

This is a great opportunity to enjoy seeing what you’re training has done for you.




Have fun!

Do Not…

Take yourself too seriously.

We’ve seen crying, anger, and full-on tanrums.

You should be doing this for the experience.

Treat it like a regular workout without any emotional investment.

After watching literally hundreds of people perform the CrossFit Open workouts over the last several years, this is the approach or mindset that we think will provide the best and most fruitful experience.

As mentioned in the disclaimer, if you know you’ve got a shot a Regionals, some of this advice doesn’t necessarily apply.

Most does, though.

So, what are your thoughts?

Are you #intheopen this year?

Leave a comment and don’t forget to like/share/upvote/etc!


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