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Not all gyms are created equal.

Enjoy a come-as-you space where you can be your best!

CrossFit Toronto isn’t just about group training.

Everyone has different goals and individual needs.

That’s why every person who walks through the door is coached every step of the way.

You get customised training & coaching so you can be fitter than you’ve ever been.

It’s fun. It’s effective. It’s a better way.

“It’s just a huge stress-reliever.
You sleep better and you feel better about yourself.”


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What You Get

Personalised Coaching

Personalised training & planning accelerates your results by getting everything dialled in just for you.

Nutritional support and 1-on-1 coaching come standard with every training plan!

Effective Training & Tools

Get intelligent programming that keeps pace with your progress so you keep getting better.

Get access to the right equipment so you can get the results you want.

Engaging Challenges

Every visit is dynamic & stimulating so you enjoy a new experience every time you step in the gym.

Work harder than ever before and love every minute of it!

Fantastic Community

Enjoy a supportive community of like-minded people.

Get fit alongside a wonderful group of people who are all on the path to better health & fitness.

What It Costs

Memberships start at 23/week and include Open Gym plus other perks!
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How To Get Started


Step 1

Come in for your Free Consultation & Assessment.


Step 2

Choose the training plan & path that works best for you.

Step 3

Start your personalised training based on your needs & goals.

Not sure if CrossFit Toronto is right for you?
Check out this helpful guide for tips on
choosing the right gym.

Real People.

Real Results.

Thank you John and Machiko for helping me get strong and confident. I walked 320 km and it only took 10 days to complete Camino Primitivo.
Vita Gushina
Vita Gushina
15:59 17 May 19
John and his family run a tight ship. Highly recomend
Terry Prabuki
Terry Prabuki
15:42 05 Apr 19
Everything,the environment,the coaches very professionals and the owners are reasonable friendly people,clases are awesome I found 5:am clases are very convenient for people with busy... schedules.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️++read more
Marce Goulart
Marce Goulart
05:21 14 Nov 18
I've been going to CrossfitTO for seven months now and one of my main goals was to still be participating in one year. That goal seems easily achievable now due to the friendly atmosphere of CrossfitTO and the guidance and motivation I’ve received. ... I’m looking past that goal to year two already. Give CrossfitTO a try and reach out to the other member you meet there!read more
Phillip Boyd
Phillip Boyd
23:52 03 Nov 18
John and Machiko, the owners of CrossFit Toronto, make you feel like part of their extended family, all while getting you in the best shape of your life, no matter your age or ability. I love CrossFit Toronto!
Adrian Dougherty
Adrian Dougherty
20:10 26 Oct 18
Awesome support and encouragement
Phil Kelsey
Phil Kelsey
02:36 26 Oct 18
Thanks for whooping my butt into shape! Love these guys
Scott Binkley
Scott Binkley
11:01 08 Sep 18
I joined CrossFit Toronto last fall, not fully realizing what I was getting into. I've enjoyed pretty much every minute. The instructors are wonderful - great motivators - and the members are supportive and very kind!
Janice Ivory-Smith
Janice Ivory-Smith
22:26 27 Apr 18
3 months in, and have loved every class. Well, not at the time, of course, but I don't think you're supposed to! Great coaches that actually take the time to help you improve and correct issues. Excellent variance in the routines and lifts, and a... very nice facility.read more
Jeremy Barker
Jeremy Barker
19:37 18 Apr 18
Excellent training facility and programs. You receive a personal training experience in a group environment. Machiko the owner and head coach delivers an excellent experience.
Omar Nassrat
Omar Nassrat
04:47 14 Feb 18
I love this place! The space, the coaches, the people! A very easygoing, fun and nonjudgmental environment where you can be yourself while feeling support from coaches and patrons. It gets addictive ��
My husband and I were in Toronto celebrating a family member's birthday. We dropped in to CrossFit Toronto and were happily greeted by 2 of the coaches....
Erinn L.
Erinn L.
09:04 28 Jul 16
I have been going to Crossfit Toronto for several years now and haven't looked back. The trainers at CFTO are pretty awesome and are always willing to help and coach where needed. It is more expensive than my gym was but I go more regularly, have... a designed program, constant coaching, and am more consistent at going than I ever was at the gym. Highly recommend checking it out.read more
Evan Donohue
Evan Donohue
15:50 06 Oct 15
Awesome gym. Great, supportive community of members. I definitely see the difference in my personal fitness, appearance and energy levels over the past eight months of training here.
Ashkan Asgari
Ashkan Asgari
19:29 13 Jun 15
I dropped in, and CrossFit Toronto let me follow my program from my home box. The coaches and members that I met were all very nice and helpful. The equipment was nice and well kept. I suggest dropping in to anyone that is in Toronto.
Christina Gipson
Christina Gipson
00:52 11 Jun 15
Crossfit Toronto has become like a second home to us. We have been members there since 2009!!! We absolutely love the big huge space and have enjoyed many fun workouts with other members. The trainers are knowledgable, encouraging and support... 'smart' programming. If you are in Toronto...I would highly recommend checking out this facility.read more
Cindy Sexton
Cindy Sexton
21:51 28 Nov 14
Hi I'm from Bermuda I visit Toronto a few months ago and I enjoyed my training and visit! Next time I'll do more drop in classes during my visit! Thanks to the staff and fellow crossfit friends!! Thanks for the warm wellcome!!!!
Victor Richards
Victor Richards
23:54 15 Sep 14
I will stay only 10 days in Toronto... May I get enroll only those days?
Erika Peña Hand
Erika Peña Hand
21:58 08 Jun 14
Came down to watch the regionals and stopped in for a workout. Great Sunday morning, great staff, and fun workout. Thank you Tracy! Come see us at Crossfit Lasalle when you're in Montreal.
Steven Michael Forlini
Steven Michael Forlini
21:39 18 May 14
Awesome staff ! they know what they are doing, great place to experience Crossfit, I had fun working out with You guys ! See You in January !
Jarek Pietka
Jarek Pietka
18:50 18 Oct 13
Been going for 3 months and will never join any other gym again! love their classes.
Chris T.
Chris T.
11:33 29 Mar 13
I am blown away each time in terms of the quality of workout and instruction from all the coaches at Crossfit Toronto! Being the FIRST Crossfit gym in...
Will L.
Will L.
14:01 10 Oct 12
I have read about crossfit on the internet and always wanted to try it. I believe there are several crossfit gyms in Toronto, but CrossFit Toronto was the...
Keith B.
Keith B.
15:42 20 Oct 09


Do I need previous experience?

Not at all.

All newcomers to CrossFit and fitness in general are welcome!

What Can I Expect In A Class?

Classes are 60 minutes, usually have between 3 and 6 people, and are led by one of our coaches.

We warm-up, perform some strength and/or skill work, then follow that up with a conditioning workout.

Who are your members?

You'll hear 80’s, 90’s music in class for a reason: our members are professionals, business owners, and busy parents.

Just like you.

Here you’ll find kind, helpful people who encourage and motivate each other.

Is this is a competitive environment?

Simply put, no.

Sure, you may see some friendly competition going on.

But our focus is on getting better day by day; your true competition is you from yesterday.

We're serious about our training but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

How much does training cost?

Our memberships range between 23 and 53 per week. The most popular plan is our Silver option at 47 per week.


How long are your contracts?

We don’t have contracts.

All of our plans are billed monthly. You are free to stay or leave as you please.

What is the youngest / oldest you work with?

Generally our minimum age is 10. We can and do make exceptions, so, please speak with us if you have someone under 10.

We have no maxmium age provided your doctor has cleared you for exercise.

Do You Have Child Minding?

Children are always welcome, although we don't have official child minding services.

You may need to see to them if they need attention but there's often other children or parents around to help out.

Plus we've got WiFi if you'd like My Little Pony or Paw Patrol to help keep them occupied.