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Building Your New Best Self

You see the rows of treadmills and elliptical machines.

You know what to expect. But you want more.

Forging your unique fitness path means going against the stale standard of spending hours in the gym watching your biceps curl.

Bucking that template means shattering those old beliefs and working towards a new belief system.

Here, you will rise to the challenges of the unexpected. Each workout a surprise designed to push you to a breakthrough.

Becoming your own best self means changing patterns and accepting one important, new standard:

You are the machine.

Helping You Find Success With Smart Training

You Get Bigger Rewards For Your Efforts

Everyone wants to be rewarded for what they do.

Building a healthier body is no different, but there’s more to it at CrossFit Toronto.

How We’re Different


Because of the variety of workouts, your mind and body aren’t bored. You stay engaged and your fitness keeps improving.


Workouts are so efficient that you burn more calories in a single class than in regular, hours-long gym sessions.


Your coach isn’t just your coach. They’re your champion, inspiration, nutritionist, and buddy all in one.

How Do I Know If CrossFit Toronto Is Right For Me?

Every CrossFit gym is different.

You need to make sure you and your gym are a good fit.

You want to know that you’ll be happy, feel welcome, and that you’ll be supported & motivated through all your efforts.

So, here are some things you should know about us.

We're an inclusive space.

Since our beginnings in 2005, we’ve provided an open, judgement-free, and welcoming environment for people of all shapes, sizes, colours, backgrounds, and orientations.

Everybody is welcome.

No body is judged.

We offer a non-competitive environment.
While CrossFit training is designed to support competition, this isn’t our focus.

Our goal is to promote fitness for life.

This means engaging in sustainable training methods. We take a long term view.

Of course, if you want to compete, either in CrossFit or another sport, we’re there for you, too.

We build strength.
Our view is that strength is of critical importance.

Our program is designed to ensure that all areas of fitness are developed, but our primary concern is making sure that everyone has a baseline of strength.

This doesn’t mean big, bulging muscles.

It means that you will build the strength to do everything you need to do today and in the future, whether that’s hard manual labour, or picking up your grandchildren.

We're family-friendly.

At our gym, it’s common to see kids working out beside their parents.

In fact, this is one of the things we’re most proud of: we offer a space where kids, teens, and adults feel comfortable working out and making progress together.

We're Average Joes.

You won’t find fire-breathing, chest-thumping, win-or-die type folks around here.

We work hard. We sweat. We get better. And we love it.

We’re also lawyers, managers, and developers, designers, decorators, and event planners. And we have other lives to lead.

We’re Average Joes.

Intense and emotionally raw is how many describe CrossFit.

It’s that space that creates the camaraderie that will keep you accountable to yourself and your goals.

It’s not about being the best from day 1.

It’s about knowing you won’t be and coming back on day 2.

It’s not about always finishing first.

It’s about knowing that wherever you finish, we’ve got your back.

Do your best knowing that you can harness the energy of your CrossFit family to help you the whole way.

Come As You Are

We believe the gym should be a fun, comfortable place where you can let your hair down and be yourself.

At CrossFit Toronto, you’ll enjoy a judgement-free, supportive, and welcoming environment that will let you thrive!

Our Approach

CrossFit uses the core movements of life to build a fitter you.

Using a constantly varied approach combined with functional movements maximizes your results faster than typical training.

The results can be dramatic.

Seeing more defined arms, legs, and abs.

Feeling those smoother, deeper breaths as your body improves oxygen use.

Knowing how strong you've become compared to where you started.

What you can accomplish in a short time will make you believe in more than just the routine of reps.

More Than Just Reps

You are our focus.

One size does not fit all, so our training is made to adapt to your needs.

Helping you achieve your fitness needs, wants, and goals is what we’re here for. Regardless of what they are.

We start by learning about you: your background & your ambitions. From there, we make a plan to help you towards your goals.

You have your own personal need and wants, so, your training should be personalised, too.

Training Plans

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