Editor’s note: this is the first post from CrossFit Toronto Bootcamp members + wife & husband to be – Mel Loomans & Dan Beaudoin!

Mel Loomans & Dan Beaudoin

Melissa and Dan
Engaged, proud dog parents, always up for a good adventure, brew and laugh.

The dress had been purchased, the food has been picked, and the guest list was set.

Dan and I had hit the six-month mark to our wedding date.

According to all of the wedding to-do lists & timelines, we were on track with pretty much everything…

Except the regular fitness routine.

If you looked at us in the mirror, you’d have seen that we hadn’t worked off all those holiday treats like we had promised ourselves, and it seemed like we had settled into a routine of “everyday is a cheat day.”

Flabby bits hung here and there, and everything seemed to jiggle – our bodies definitely were NOT white dress ready and no amount of Photoshop would be able to hide that we weren’t as fit or active as we should be.

The Catalyst

This was our wake-up call.

In the early years of our relationship, we had worked out together.

We had found CrossFit while we were in University and used it as a date-night to escape our roommates. We followed a Paleo diet and worked-out together 2-3 times per week.

In less than a year, I went down over three dress sizes and Dan looked smokin’ – he had abs, muscles and cared about what he was eating – he had become my own GQ model.

Life got in the way – we started working full-time, bought a house, got a dog and thought that financial responsibilities were of higher priority than of taking care of ourselves.

Jump ahead to February.

We decided to take charge of our fitness and get, as I lovingly call it, white dress ready.

First Exposure

It was 5:45am and we stumbled into CrossFit Toronto for the first time.

Neither of us had been up that early in years and it was the middle of winter so it was still dark outside.

Our Coach, Ryan, was standing at the whiteboard waiting for us, and we knew just looking at the warm-up that he had written on the board that we were going to get our asses kicked.

Dan and I completed the warm-up and started walking towards our bags thinking that we were done for the first class, when Ryan gathered us up to get us ready for our workout.

The first week was the hardest, especially the Friday Benchmark.

By Saturday morning, I couldn’t walk or bend to pick anything up.

I doubted I would be able to make it to class on Monday morning, yet at 5:45am, Dan and I walked in ready and willing to get our asses kicked for another three weeks.

3 Bootcamps Later

Now, we’re on our third month of Bootcamp and loving it.

Each day is a different workout, so you never get bored and if we ever have a repeat of a workout from a previous month, it’s great to compete with your previous time.

These are especially Instagram worthy; it gives you a chance to show your friends how hardcore you are.

The Bootcamp community is supportive.

Everyone who joins is looking to accomplish a different goal. Some people are looking to try out CrossFit for the first time, others want to jump start a healthy lifestyle, and others still are looking to get bikini-bod ready (or in my case, white dress ready).

Together over the four weeks, we talk nutrition, sweat together, and become friends who cheer each other on after completing a tough workout or trimming a few minutes off of their benchmark.

Julie and Ryan are right there with us, helping us reach our fastest time or getting that extra round in.

They guide and support us every class and share their own experiences.

For four weeks they are your drill sergeant & personal cheerleader all rolled into one.

Yoga and Perspective

This weekend, I went to a yoga class.

I hadn’t been in a few weeks and my regular teacher stopped by my mat to catch up.

She couldn’t believe how much happier, healthier and relaxed I looked.

Having her point out the differences made me really take into perspective what the last 10 weeks of Bootcamp had done to my body, and to boost my confidence.

My workout clothes weren’t cutting into me anymore, my stomach was toned and you could now see noticeable definition.

From eating Paleo most meals, my skin looked clearer and I need less coffee (but still drink it because who doesn’t need an afternoon pick-up after a 5:45am workout?)

The best part of all this is, that we’re still three months away from our wedding, and I can’t wait to see how Bootcamp is going to continue to transform us until the big day!

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