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Train right with Variety & Balance

Improve and progress in a program that will increase your fitness and leave you feeling more energised.

Plus, you’ll never be bored!


Eat Right and Discover the Facts About Nutrition

Discover the truth about nutrition and learn how to spot nutritional fallacies with help from our knowledgeable coaches.

Develop Healthy Habits so You Can Stay On Track

Set & achieve goals and lay the foundation for a lifetime of health & fitness.

I sleep better. I’m in a better mood. I’m more relaxed. I don’t feel my age any more.

I feel like I’m 20 again. I feel stronger than I did when I was 20.


I like the time. You’re in you’re out. It’s intense, it’s short, it’s quick.

Things I couldn’t do in my first month I can do pretty easily now.


*results may vary from person to person

The Skinny

(see what we did there?)


4 Weeks


Monday, Wednesday, Friday



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I started off with their bootcamp, which was a great way to introduce you again to working out, and simple crossfit movements. From there I've been working out for a month now in their Crossfit classes, and loving every workout. I'd highly recommend this gym to anyone, and especially their bootcamp for anyone just starting!read more
Derek Hoekstra
Derek Hoekstra
14:15 02 Aug 17
Did a drop in class and couldn't wait to go back!!! So glad they moved to my neighborhood! Coaches are great and friendly, lots of attention on proper technique, great wods and consistent schedule. Super flexible membership types! Nice facility, nothing fancy but everything is there to have a great workout. I would highly recommend CF Toronto to anyone whether you are new or experienced crossfitter. They also offer bootcamp classes if CrossFit is not your thing.read more
Yaroslava Fediounina
Yaroslava Fediounina
15:07 04 Jun 17
Great gym and really approachable staff, whatever your level
Nicol Rennie
Nicol Rennie
14:12 02 Aug 17
I've been at war with the Olympic lifts for a while and Machiko (a coach at the gym) was able to fix one of of my worst errors in one class.read more
14:10 02 Aug 17
Classes are tailored as if you had your own coach
Vita Gushina
Vita Gushina
01:44 16 Jul 17
I have been a member for many years. I love my Crossfit mornings. The team here is awesome. Very knowledgeable and uplifting.read more
Sydney Reyes
Sydney Reyes
13:01 17 Nov 17
Excellent training facility and programs. You receive a personal training experience in a group environment. Machiko the owner and head coach delivers an excellent experience.read more
Omar Nassrat
Omar Nassrat
04:47 14 Feb 18
3 months in, and have loved every class. Well, not at the time, of course, but I don't think you're supposed to! Great coaches that actually take the time to help you improve and correct issues. Excellent variance in the routines and lifts, and a very nice facility.read more
Jeremy Barker
Jeremy Barker
19:37 18 Apr 18
I started last year in the beginners boot camp and now have been in the advanced boot camp for 5 months. If you are looking for a workout that will kick your ass (in a good way) then CrossFit Toronto is the place for you. Ryan one of the advanced coaches makes sure you are always giving it your all but at the same time is always making sure you're not going to hurt yourself. I have noticed a huge difference and am excited the advanced boot camp is going from 3 days a week to 5. Its addicting and the results come quickly!!!!read more
Mike Hudson
Mike Hudson
18:35 09 Mar 16

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the bootcamp be too easy/hard for me?

Not a chance! Our training methods challenge everyone, regardless of experience, age, or fitness level. You will work at a pace that is right for you and perform a volume of work that is geared to your needs.

Are you getting started? You’ll gradually ramp up the level of challenge as you become accustomed to our training.

Are you an experienced trainee? You’ll be pushing hard from the beginning. In all cases, though, our primary concern is on proper execution of the exercises.

What happens if I have to miss a class?

We understand that life sometimes makes it difficult to get to the session time you booked.

This is why we let you attend another Bootcamp class time when you need to. To keep our classes manageable, we ask that this happen only happen on occasion.

If you do need to miss a class, material from any lessons you miss will be reviewed so you won’t miss any new material.

What sort of people can I expect to meet at the bootcamp?

You’ll find that the vast majority of our bootcamp participants are professionals in their late 20s to late 50s, although we have had everyone from teenagers to septuagenarians.

Our style of training & coaching tends to attract friendly, easy-going people, so you are sure to get along with everyone you meet!

Do I have to attend every class?

The short answer is: no.

But, even though perfect attendance isn’t mandatory, you’ll get the best results if you attend every class.

You’ll get more training time in by attending all classes, and you’ll learn a good deal more, too. You’ll also benefit more from the progression designed into the program, with the information delivered in each class tying into both past and upcoming material.

I want to join right now but the current bootcamp has already started. What can I do?

We know you’re anxious to get going and we might be able to help!

Late enrollments are permitted during the first week of any bootcamp cycle.

Because of the curriculum-based nature of the program, requests to start after the first week unfortunately can not be accommodated.

I love this training but what about after Bootcamp is over?
Well, you’re in luck. We knew you would want to keep going, which is why the bootcamp was designed to be a step towards our CrossFit program.

Ready to get started?