Training, Testing, and Competing

Differentiating between training, testing, and competing is vital to your progress. Confuse them at your peril.

Journey of Fitness

What are your fitness goals? Some may have specific goals such as “I want to get a pull-up or 400lb deadlift”. Some might answer “want to get toned” or “lose weight”. Whether you want to get the 400lb deadlift or get toned, those are relatively...

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Do’s and Don’ts for the CrossFit Open

CrossFit Toronto has been involved with the CrossFit Open since it's inception in 2011 when it replaced the Sectionals leading up to the CrossFit Games. The Open has given massive numbers of people a chance to rank themselves among the world of CrossFit athletes and...

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How Much Should I Eat?

Figuring out how much to eat is often a daunting task. At the very least, it’s not fun or exciting. However, dialing in your macronutritients can be one of the biggest boosts for your performance and overall health.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Shoes?

Most of us often wait until our shoes look dead before we replace them. But just because our favorite pair of shoes can still be worn, it doesn’t mean it is still safe for us to wear them. Our shoes have a limited lifespan and if we want to avoid any injury while we...

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From Bodybuilding to CrossFit

I recently celebrated my 10th year of lifting. So, it seems fitting that I share my adventures in weight training. I got my first weight set when I was 16 (weighing 145 lbs at 6’0.) I immediately loved lifting weights. There was nothing saying I couldn’t be great, so,...

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