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Build A New You

In Only 12 Weeks!

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Unlock Your Potential.

Say “Hello” To A New You!

Becoming fit & healthy is what many want but few achieve.

We built this exclusive program for those who commit to unlocking their fitness success.

Take control of your body & life.

Commit to a New You! 

Who Is This For?

We’ve designed this program with flexibility in mind.

From beginners to experienced exercisers, we can help you succeed in your transformation.

I dieted before but the changes never lasted.

Fad diets are usually unsustainable. That’s why you’ll focus on building better habits in a sustainable way. We don’t do diets.

I'm new and don't really know what to do.

This is one of the reasons why we have a small class.

No matter what your fitness level, we dedicate the time to help each member make the right moves and avoid injury.

Our step-by-step guidance will help you get the best results, no matter your fitness level.

I need the energy to get through the day and don't have time to waste.

Of course. There’s no reason to spend two hours doing what what can be accomplished in one.

Your time is precious and we’ll help you make the most of that one hour so that it helps you for the rest of the day.

I want to make sure I'm doing the right exercises the right way.

You’ll maximise your progress and protect against injury when you use the most effective exercises and do them properly.

Quality & virtuosity are keys to your success.

I need help eating better. I really need to cut down on the sugar.

Sugar cravings and additions can sabotage your fitness goals.

We’ll show you some effective nutrition strategies, including providing you with a collection of healthy recipes, that will help you take control and fuel your body for the long haul.

I've been working out so long but I'm still not getting results.

When your body and mind get used to a fitness routine, it’s hard to break free and make progress.

With this challenge, every class is different.

Your mind won’t have time to get bored and your body won’t have a choice but to give you the change you want.

Training combined with proper nutrition equals great results in 6 weeks.

Our Secret Sauce

Every year you see programs that make the same promises: “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days” or “Lose 6 inches in a week.”

This challenge is about building sustainable, personalised lifestyle habits, based on making the right moves, fueling your body the right way, and having the right mental attitude.

We’ve designed this program to give you tools for life.

Learn To Fish

Independence is the goal. At the end of the challenge, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to maintain a healthy & fit life.


Crash courses might help to jump start a change, but to succeed in the long run, you need a sustainable approach.

Habits, Not Prescriptions

Following a plan is a fine way to get started, but building habits is how to set yourself up for a lifetime of health & fitness success.

Long Term Focus

The challenge is for 12 weeks. The tools you get are for life.

What To Expect


Amazing Support

Must-Have Accountability

Build Healthy Habits

Improve Sleep Patterns

Have More Energy & Focus

What You Get

Unlimited Classes

Enjoy as many classes as you like. There are over 40 each week.

Weekly Check-ins

Your coach will make sure you are on track.

Nutrition Plan

Get a meal plan that makes your life simpler.

Private Chat Group

Chat with other Challengers in our private Facebook group.

Done-For-You Recipes

Get simple, healthy, and delicious recipes to make prep easier.

Restaurant Guide

Find out how to navigate restaurants and still stick to your plan.

Most Significant Change Wins 6 Weeks of Training!


Make the biggest transformation and get 6 weeks of classes, free!

Tracy’s Story

2019 was a milestone birthday year ending in an ‘O’.

Life happens and events that happened around me during the year reinforced that I should start to make time for myself and work towards being healthier, not just thinking about it.

I tend to hit fitness hard for a short period and then the effort falls to the wayside because of work, family and life. Prior to starting the challenge, I had rejoined a weekly yoga class, which was essentially my workout for the week. I haven’t followed a full workout schedule in a very long time, and was looking to drop some pounds, gain some muscle and introduce some good habits.

The email for the challenge hit my inbox at the airport just before I headed to the beach for a week and turned my phone off. Forgot about the message until a week after I got back on a Saturday and emailed my interest (total disclosure, thinking it would be full).

Machiko reached out the same day and I hit the ground (not quite running) on Monday.

The challenge only required attending a class twice a week, but I managed to do a minimum of 3 classes a week for the month, including one crazy week where I hit the studio 5 days in a row, plus my weekly yoga class. In December.

Call me crazy for starting a challenge during a month full of fiestas, but it seemed a good way to go and got me into some good habits before the New Year.

Being mindful of food during December when temptation was all around was easier than I expected and I did allow myself to enjoy food and drinks at events in moderation. However, remembering to eat and pack a lunch was (and always has been) a challenge for me.

The CrossFit Toronto community is great — everyone is supportive and encouraging. Starting with light weights was encouraged and as I progressed I bumped up my numbers as I began to feel stronger. John & Machiko (a.k.a. my fabulous coaches) motivated me to go beyond my limits in a safe, challenging and fun environment.

At the end of December I was down over 10 pounds and a number of inches. My clothes are looser and my resting heart rate is also trending lower.

Thought the ‘challenge ‘portion is over, I am committed to hitting the studio twice a week to keep my progress going and increase my results (pounds and inches).

Reflecting back on a whirlwind month reminds me of one of my favourite quotes “A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step…..”

Take the first step — it’s worth it!

Tracy I.

Terence’s Story

Before the Fall of 2019 I had always wanted to give Crossfit a try.

When I came across the Better You challenge I felt I had nothing to loose and went for it.

Prior to Crossfit I had been on a steady but slow journey toward better health. Back in 2011 I was weighing in at 250 lbs and practicing very poor health choices and diet. I was also suffering from debilitating back pain.

I made some significant life changes, staring eating less and better, and began running regularly. Through these efforts I was able to loose 50lbs. This was a great accomplishment but slowly over time my weight crept back up to 225lbs, and so in 2017 I decided to become more focused on weight loss and health again.

When I connected with Crossfit Toronto I has sitting at 210lbs with an end goal of 190lbs.

It had taken me nearly two years to shave off the first 15lbs, down from 225lbs. When I entered the program I attended the gym three times a week and focused on even better eating habits through the nutrition coaching offered in the program.

My goal for the program was to loose 10lbs. I met my weight loss goal of 10lbs in five weeks! I decided to sign on to a six month program at the gym and lost a total 16lbs by week eight of starting Crossfit!

I was able to match in two months what I had accomplished in total the previous two years.

The challenge really helped me get more focused in my health goals. I had been having trouble finding time to fit my regular running routine in, but scheduling time at the gym kept be honest to my workout goals.

One of the things that I have appreciated about Crossfit is that it not only has resulted in weight loss but also has provided overall body conditioning.

As I mentioned earlier I had in the past suffered from severe back pain and I had been concerned that Crossfit may not had been for me because of my back.

However, through excellent coaching, and remaining committed to my previously ongoing chiropractic care, I have suffered no back pain and have been able to significantly increase my core strength. This had been one of my goals upon beginning the challenge in October, and I am very pleased that it has worked out so well.

I can honestly say that the challenge and Crossfit in general has put me in the best shape of my adult life.

It is cliche I know, but for me it is true.

I have been in good shape in the past, and I have loss significant weight in the past, but Crossfit has given me a well balanced approach to health and combined both strength, cardio, body conditioning, and healthy lifestyle.

I thoroughly enjoy every visit to the gym and cannot say enough good about Crossfit Toronto and John and Machiko’s coaching and guidance.

Terence H.

All Results. No Attitude.

“It’s just this really comfortable environment.

I really look forward to coming to the gym!”


The Details


12 Weeks


CrossFit Toronto

24 Industrial St.
Toronto, ON


Only 57 / week!


Check in weekly with your coach.

Attend at least 2 classes / week.

What’s Your Reward?

You have a busy life to lead. We get it.

Finding that 1 hour twice a week can be tough.

But if it means you get better sleep, feel good about yourself, and have more energy to juggle your busy life, it’s worth it.

Enjoy the rewards that come from making your fitness a priority.

Are You Ready?

ThIS Challenge needs your commitment.

You bring the effort and we’ll provide the training, tools, and support you need to succeed.

All you need is to put in the time and stay focused for the 12 weeks to see and feel amazing results.

Please only apply if you are dedicated to making a change.

Don’t Miss Out On The Next Challenge!

The next one starts April 27, 2020.








I really liked the environment. Focused. Non-judgemental.

Very positive yet realistic. The support was on point, timely, and welcome!


The nutrition coaching was a key piece to seeing early results in living a healthier lifestyle.


I like the fact that I lost 15lbs and two inches off my belt.


It was both challenging, and realistic.

I was able to appreciated at least two significant wins by the end of the challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions


I'm new to training. Will I be able to do this?

Absolutely! Our training is customised for everyone individually, regardless of experience, age, or fitness level. You will work at a pace that is right for you.


I'm not in great shape. Will I still see results?

For sure! Our methods work for everyone and beginners often see the most dramatic results.


I've tried diets in the past. How is this different?

We don’t do diets. We work on building habits through gradual change, customised to you and your needs.


I don't have much time. Will I need to spend hours training?

Not at all! You are only asked to attend an average of 2 classes per week (1 hour per class) throughout the challenge. 


Will this be complicated?

Nope. Our approach is simple and straightforward. We make it easy to build lifelong habits.


What happens after the challenge?

We recommend continuing with our nutrition coaching program to ensure the accountability you need to keep up your habits. Of course, you’re welcome to join any of our training programs, too.