Accelerate your health & fitness journey with a unique challenge

Build A New You In 6 Weeks

Begins January 14, 2019

360-View of Health & Fitness

This is a lifestyle-focused program designed to help accelerate your health & fitness journey.

All Transformations Welcome

Lose fat, gain muscle, change habits, or focus on performance, we’ll support you in your success.
Helping You Succeed

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello To A NEW YOU!

Becoming healthier and fitter is what many want but few can achieve.

We built this exclusive program for those few who are willing to commit to unlocking their fitness success.

The 4 people who show the willingness to create their own fitness success with our support, earn their spot in the challenge.

Ready to unlock your success?

All fitness levels welcome!


Take control of your body & life.


Commit to a new you.


Space is limited to 4 qualified participants.

Ready to unlock your success?

Our 3 Pillars Of Success



Get the best results with an intelligently designed program. Enjoy engaging workouts in a supportive and motivating environment.


Enjoy the freedom that comes with a personalised plan that focuses on building healthy habits rather than following rigid prescriptions.


Cultivate a healthy mindset towards training & fitness. Learn to be your best training partner.
What makes this challenge different?

Our Secret Sauce

Every year you see programs that make the same promises: “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days” or “Lose 6 inches in a week.”

Our fitness challenge is about building sustainable, personalised lifestyle habits, based on making the right moves, fueling your body the right way, and having the right mental attitude.

We’ve designed this program to give you tools for life.

Ready to build a better you in 6 weeks?

Learn To Fish

Independence is the goal. At the end of the challenge, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to maintain a healthy & fit life.

Habits, Not Prescriptions

Following a plan is a fine way to get started, but building habits is how to set yourself up for a lifetime of health & fitness success.

Small Group Setting

By limiting entry to the challenge to just 4 people, you get the best parts of a group class and a personal trainer.


Crash courses might help to jump start a change, but to succeed in the long run, you need a sustainable approach.

Long Term Focus

The challenge is for 6 weeks. The tools you get are for life.

Ready to build a better you in 6 weeks?

This 6-Week Challenge Isn’t For Everyone

How do you know if this challenge is right for you?

This program is designed to maximise your results based on the relationship between you and your coach.

To take full advantage of that, the right attitude is needed.

Ready to go “all in”?

Be Accountable

You are your own best training partner.

That means bypassing all excuses and coming to training 3 times a week for 6 weeks, even when you’re having one of “those days”.

Record Progress

When you see your own transformation through those before and after stats, that’s when it hits you just how far you’ve come.

Keeping track of your progress will help you understand how and why you’ve come so far, which will motivate you to keep going.

Be Willing to Learn

What you’ll learn will be new to you.

Being coachable makes it easier for you to create your own blueprint for success.

Be Committed

You’re ready, really ready, to make the changes to your body and your life.

You’ll do whatever it takes to look and feel better over the next 6 weeks and beyond.

Ready to go “all in”?

Whats Your Reward?

You have a busy life to lead. We get it.

Finding that one hour three times a week can be tough.

But if it means having more energy to juggle your busy life, it’s worth it.

Enjoy the rewards that come from making your fitness a priority.

Ready for more energy?

Have more energy


Improve sleep


Lose excess body fat


Increase metabolism


Improve mental clarity


Build strength & endurance


Boost confidence


Ready for more energy?

Who Is This Challenge For?

We’ve designed this program with flexibility in mind.

From beginners to experienced exercisers, we can help you succeed in your transformation.

Ready to take the challenge?
I need the energy to get through the day and don't have time to waste.

Of course. There’s no reason to spend two hours doing what what can be accomplished in one.

Your time is precious and we’ll help you make the most of that one hour so that it helps you for the rest of the day.

I need help eating better. I really need to cut down on the sugar.

Sugar cravings and additions can sabotage your fitness goals.

We’ll show you some effective nutrition strategies, including providing you with a collection of healthy recipes, that will help you take control and fuel your body for the long haul.

I'm new and don't really know what to do.

This is one of the reasons why we have a small class.

No matter what your fitness level, we dedicate the time to help each member make the right moves and avoid injury.

Our step-by-step guidance will help you get the best results, no matter your fitness level.

I want to make sure I'm doing the right exercises the right way.

You’ll maximise your progress and protect against injury when you use the most effective exercises and do them properly.

Quality & virtuosity are keys to your success.

I've been working out so long but I'm still not getting results.

When your body and mind get used to a fitness routine, it’s hard to break free and make progress.

With this challenge, every class is different.

Your mind won’t have time to get bored and your body won’t have a choice but to give you the change you want.

Training combined with proper nutrition equals great results in 6 weeks.

Ready to take the challenge?

What You Get


Pre-challenge 1-on-1 assessment with personalised lifestyle plan.


Bonus at-home workouts.


18 classes with unique workouts you've never experienced.


Motivating training environment with like-minded people.


Healthy recipe collection.


Expert coaches committed to your success.


How It Works


Step 1 - Apply

Tell us about yourself and what you’re looking to achieve.

Step 2 - Come By

Come in for your 1-on-1 assessment and discuss your goals.


Step 3 - Participate

Endulge yourself in 6 weeks of build a new you.

Step 4 - Celebrate

You’ve lost inches and fat PLUS you’ve gained new habits that will keep you going beyond this 6-week challenge!

The Details


Jan 14, 2019 – Feb 22, 2019



Mon, Wed, Fri

6pm – 7pm
7pm – 8pm



About Us

Founded in 2005, CrossFit Toronto was the second CrossFit gym in Canada and first in the city.

Since then, we’ve dedicated ourselves to sharing our knowledge and our love of health & fitness with as many people as we can.

Having successfully changed the lives of many hundreds of people, we remain committed to helping many hundreds more.

Our passion is fitness. Our mission is sharing.


“Coaches are great and friendly, lots of attention on proper technique.

I would highly recommend CF Toronto to anyone whether you are new or experienced.”

Slava F.

“Excellent training facility and programs. You receive a personal training experience in a group environment.

Machiko, the owner and head coach, delivers an excellent experience.”

Omar N.

“If you are looking for a fun place to get in shape, CrossFit Toronto is it. Instructors are professional, energetic and motivating.

I can’t think of a better gym to achieve your goals..”

Alex M.

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