It’s the holiday season. Time for family, friends and STRESS!!!

The overcrowded stores, getting the perfect tree, making the perfect holiday dinner, flying to visit family, and did I mention getting the latest and greatest toys/tech that your family just has to have?

The holidays can more stress than joy!

Here are 6 simple holiday stress tips to help you be more relaxed and joyful this season.


1. Online Shopping

Going out to a shopping mall can be extremely frustrating at the best of times, doing it on the holidays is suicidal!

Many stores have online shopping as well as stores that are only online (check our friends at Orangefish and Organics Live). You don’t have to get dressed for the winter weather, no crowds, and it is shipped to your house.

If you do have to go out to the stores go in the early morning or late evening, not on weekends.


2. Take time for yourself & have fun

The holidays are a busy and and you might feel like you need to please everyone. Not to mention if you are going on a “vacation”, which can be more stressful than rush hour traffic.

Slow down and take some time for yourself. Give yourself the gift of doing something that you find fun. You’ll be more relaxed and enjoy the holidays more.


3. Exercise 

There are studies that show exercise can reduce stress levels & improve your mood (or at least you will be too exhausted to be stressed).

So keep up with your WOD’s this holiday season. We will have workouts posted on our website for Christmas and Boxing day.

If you don’t have time to do a full workout, a few squats and burpees will help reduce that stress.


4. Plan Ahead 

Running through the stores, rushing to get the kids to Grandmas house, hurrying to make that flight can make you feel like Scrooge. Taking a few minutes to plan the holidays out will be make you productive and happier than trying to get a 2 hour job done in 30 minutes.

Make sure that you are flexible with your planing. There are always unexpected things that can come up so being able to adjust your plans will help prevent stress.


5. Be Realistic

The perfect holiday does not exist, especially if you have children. Sometimes the things that happen by mistake can create great family memories.

The truth is that families are not perfect, but the memories of those imperfections can be priceless.


6. Keep up the Healthy Eating

Truffles, gingerbread and candy canes, oh my!

Ok, you had to know I was going to put this one in, after all I am a nutritionist.

The holidays are full of chocolate and candies to tempt you. For some people the guilt of falling off the wagon can cause stress in the way of guilt. It’s ok not to have any treats, especially if you know that after just one bite you’re likely to binge. For others moderation is the key.

Holiday shopping can cause  you to skip meals and just go for coffee to keep you going, just remember that caffeine increases cortisol levels (stress hormone) in the body, which could increase your stress levels. Bring a snack (beef jerky, fruit, or nuts) with you to keep you going during this holiday season.



Check out the Ultimate Guide to Stress Management for a comprehensive look at stress, including a number of other management techniques.


I hope you all have a happy & stress-free holiday.

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