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5 Sports That Would Benefit From CrossFit

Apr 11, 2018 | General

CrossFit as a total body workout is becoming more popular than ever. By training in a variety of disciplines, you are taking a holistic way of conditioning your body in a way that is more efficient than a traditional gym workout.

More professional sports are implementing CrossFit workouts, as it is dynamic and adaptable and improves cardio, power, speed, stamina and agility. With a cross-training workout like CrossFit, it is possible to gain muscle, increase cardio and aerobic capacity and quicken your feet, according to a Men’s Fitness feature article. Professional leagues like the NBA and NFL are also finding that CrossFit is beneficial in helping their athletes achieve new heights. Let’s look at other sports which could benefit from this style of cross-training.


Professional soccer players are some of the fittest athletes in the world and run the most distance per game than any other team sport. When properly adapted for soccer, CrossFit exercises can help increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance, agility, stamina, balance and power among others.

These attributes are vital for a professional like Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale, who finds himself playing at one of the world’s top clubs and in the ultra competitive La Liga in Spain. Coral states how Bale has become one of Madrid’s key players during his 5 seasons with the club. And while Bale is well known for his unique goal celebration, it’s his athleticism which often sets him apart from his opposition. Exercises such as squats, box jumps and lunges are key to increasing leg muscle power, giving him that explosive ability. These are all exercise that Bale no doubt does regularly, as his muscular frame rivals the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo – a soccer player also renowned for engaging in explosive exercises to improve his all round fitness.


Like CrossFit, swimming is a total body workout which exercises all muscle groups and many swimmers are finding it a great exercise to boost their training. While swimming involves movement of the legs and arms, the key to being a good swimmer is having a strong core to help balance the upper and lower body and swim more efficiently.

Because CrossFit incorporates compound movements and cross training, it allows swimmers to work all their muscle groups and, most importantly, strengthen their core.


About 25% of the game of basketball is played in the frontal plane, shuffling on defense and crossing over from side-to-side. Whereas the majority of CrossFit trains the sagittal or horizontal plane, it can still be adapted and help basketball players, get stronger, jump higher and increase their balance and control.

Stack suggests that jumping and sprinting exercises, which are the fundamental movements of basketball, means that CrossFit has great qualities which basketball players will find invaluable.


Good metabolic conditioning is a requirement for a game like football and so are stamina, endurance and mental toughness. The NFL has recently seen the advantages of CrossFit and have developed CrossFit Football training, which simulates the conditions players face during game time.

Livestrong outlines how the workouts are varied and rarely repeated and are always timed with the goal of improving fitness through intensity. It emphasizes metabolic conditioning, strength training and speed to prepare players for the most demanding aspects of the game.


Maintenance of strength and power for a hockey player are critical, but so is work capacity in order to maintain peak fitness. CrossFit can help improve the fitness of a hockey player’s stamina and strength as well as speed and agility which are crucial on the ice. Without these, the most skillful player won’t be able to perform for more than a few minutes. CrossFit’s core conditioning also means that a player improves their balance on the ice and is able to maintain that performance for longer.

CrossFit’s biggest advantage for sports is that it is dynamic and adaptable. CrossFit Toronto previously mentioned that the popularity of CrossFit continues to grow day by day and its training system is now well-known worldwide. This can be seen from its widespread adoption by professional sports and athletes simply because it works to improve stamina, endurance and cardiovascular training and helps them be a better, stronger athlete.


Thanks to our Guest Contributor: StrengthUp_RJ


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