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5 weeks,  3 days/week @ $197

  • Build healthy habits - Stay on track with your health & fitness goals.
  • Small class sizes - Get quality personal attention every class.
  • Positive environment - Enjoy motivating and friendly coaches.
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5 One-on-One Sessions @ $297

  • Do it at your pace - Set your own schedule: fast, slow, or in between.
  • Customised for you - Put in time & effort exactly where they're needed.
  • It's all about you - You get 100% of your coach's time & attention.
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    Cindy Sexton - CrossFit Toronto has become like a second home to us. We have been members there since 2009!!!

    The trainers are knowledgeable, encouraging and support 'smart' programming.

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“Fitness is a hedge against sickness.”

- Coach Greg Glassman, CrossFit co-founder

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  • Several plans available - Choose what's right for your goals.
  • Small class sizes - 12 Person maximum capacity.
  • Plenty of class times - Choose From Over 40 classes per week.
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  • Fully customised - Programming built specifically for you and your goals.
  • Flexible training options - Set your own schedule: fast, slow, or in between.
  • Dedicated Coach - Your coach is 100% focused on you.
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    Keith Binns - This is the original CrossFit gym in Toronto. I’ve been a member for over 5 years and have enjoyed the people and the atmosphere.

    I would recommend this gym to anyone who is new to CrossFit or a seasoned veteran.

“Be impressed by intensity, not volume."

- Coach Greg Glassman, CrossFit co-founder

Mon: 5am - 8pm
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