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What It’s Like

Classes at CrossFit Toronto are like having your own personal trainer.

You are expertly guided through each session, tailored exactly for you.

Here, you’ll train hard, have fun together, and grow in a friendly, supportive setting.

CrossFit Toronto has helped thousands of people just like you to improve fitness, health, and physical performance.
Now it’s your turn!
“It’s just this really comfortable environment. I really look forward to coming to the gym!” Sarah

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What Our Members Say

Great place, great people, great trainers!
Terence Hale
Terence H.
This is a friendly gym run by people who know their stuff when it comes to fitness. The cross-fit workouts can be challenging but the atmosphere and vibe is always supportive and conducive to those of us who want to do the best we can in the gym. There's no egos and no attitude. I started with doing bootcamps for a couple of months and then went on to crossfit from there. I can definitely feel the physical benefits of my work after two years with CrossFit Toronto. The workouts can be scaled to align with what people are physically capable of. Try it out!
Wm Jenkins
Wm J.
I CrossFit for three key reasons: 1. CrossFit makes me feel good, look good, builds my self confidence and is making me resilient.2. CrossFit is an investment in my future health.3. CrossFit helps me play with my growing children at the pace I want.CrossfitTO fosters an environment that is ego free and regardless of age or current physical ability, provides the platform to achieve your physical goals one step at a time.I am often asked why CrossFitTO? It is because of the special coaches who take a personal interest in your success, while pushing you outside of your comfort zone but being aware of your current limits.Hope to see you in the gym becoming the person you aspire to be!
Calo Albany
Calo A.
CrossFit Toronto is an amazing place for training surrounded by experienced coaches as John and Machiko and great co trainees. At CrossFit Toronto, Anyone can learn how to build up his/her body properly as well as train your mind too. I am already member for one year and I will try to be for as many as I can. Undoubtedly, I suggest CrossFit Toronto for training. See you in the gym.
Started in the Boot Camp and have been going to regular sessions for about a year now. Excellent staff that provide enough feedback that you feel like you are in a personal training session. Members of all skill levels are welcome and able to perform the exercises that can be adapted by the knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend the boot camp for anyone starting or getting back into the exercise world, and by the time you're done you will want to keep coming back for more.
One of the best CrossFit gyms in the city! Amazing coaches that keep your programming on track and your exercise safe. A fantastic group of people to keep you motivated. Workouts are challenging but a lot of fun. If you're not sure you're ready for CrossFit, drop in and try it out for yourself. Staff can effectively scale all lifts and workouts to match any fitness level.
Oliver Pacheco
Oliver P.
Been a member for a couple of years now and always look forward to going in, taking on the highly varied daily workout and catching up with the coaches and other members.
Matt Murl
Matt M.
Thank you John and Machiko for helping me get strong and confident. I walked 320 km and it only took 10 days to complete Camino Primitivo.
Vita Gushina
Vita G.
John and his family run a tight ship. Highly recomend
Terry Prabuki
Terry P.
Everything,the environment,the coaches very professionals and the owners are reasonable friendly people,clases are awesome I found 5:am clases are very convenient for people with busy schedules.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️++
Marce Goulart
Marce G.
I've been going to CrossfitTO for seven months now and one of my main goals was to still be participating in one year. That goal seems easily achievable now due to the friendly atmosphere of CrossfitTO and the guidance and motivation I’ve received. I’m looking past that goal to year two already. Give CrossfitTO a try and reach out to the other member you meet there!
P Boyd
P B.
John and Machiko, the owners of CrossFit Toronto, make you feel like part of their extended family, all while getting you in the best shape of your life, no matter your age or ability. I love CrossFit Toronto!
Adrian Dougherty
Adrian D.
Awesome support and encouragement
Phil Kelsey
Phil K.
Thanks for whooping my butt into shape! Love these guys
Scott Binkley
Scott B.
I joined CrossFit Toronto last fall, not fully realizing what I was getting into. I've enjoyed pretty much every minute. The instructors are wonderful - great motivators - and the members are supportive and very kind!
Janice Ivory-Smith
Janice I.
3 months in, and have loved every class. Well, not at the time, of course, but I don't think you're supposed to! Great coaches that actually take the time to help you improve and correct issues. Excellent variance in the routines and lifts, and a very nice facility.
Jeremy Barker
Jeremy B.
Excellent training facility and programs. You receive a personal training experience in a group environment. Machiko the owner and head coach delivers an excellent experience.
Omar Nassrat
Omar N.
I have been a member for many years. I love my Crossfit mornings. The team here is awesome. Very knowledgeable and uplifting.
I love this place! The space, the coaches, the people! A very easygoing, fun and nonjudgmental environment where you can be yourself while feeling support from coaches and patrons. It gets addictive ��
Patrice Melissa Lynn Watts
Patrice Melissa Lynn W.
I started off with their bootcamp, which was a great way to introduce you again to working out, and simple crossfit movements. From there I've been working out for a month now in their Crossfit classes, and loving every workout. I'd highly recommend this gym to anyone, and especially their bootcamp for anyone just starting!
Derek Hoekstra
Derek H.
Great gym and really approachable staff, whatever your level
Nicol Rennie
Nicol R.
I've been at war with the Olympic lifts for a while and Machiko (a coach at the gym) was able to fix one of of my worst errors in one class.
Classes are tailored as if you had your own coach
Vita Gushina
Vita G.
Did a drop in class and couldn't wait to go back!!! So glad they moved to my neighborhood! Coaches are great and friendly, lots of attention on proper technique, great wods and consistent schedule. Super flexible membership types! Nice facility, nothing fancy but everything is there to have a great workout. I would highly recommend CF Toronto to anyone whether you are new or experienced crossfitter. They also offer bootcamp classes if CrossFit is not your thing.
Slava Fediounina
Slava F.
Great Crossfit Gym. Fantastic instructors and an awesome CF community.
andrew abony
andrew A.
I wish parking was a bit easier
David Haik Zambrano Gasparnian
David Haik Zambrano G.
I've been going here for 2 years and I love it. It is an awesome group of people.
Russ McLeod
Russ M.
If you are looking for a fun place to get in shape, CrossFit Toronto is it. Instructors are professional, energetic and motivating. The facility is large and clean. I can't think of a better gym to achieve your goals.
Alex McVean
Alex M.
Crossfit TO is awesome!! I've been coming for 8 months now, and you now it has to be pretty good for me to be there at 5:45 or 6:30 am!!! Ryan, who teaches Advanced Bootcamp, is amazing! He is a fabulous coach, and it is never boring. Its the hardest exercise I've ever done and I feel stronger than ever. The coaching on good techniques and variety is key. Thanks Crossfit TO for a great and welcoming community!
Andrea Duncan
Andrea D.
CFTO is an incredible place to get fit. From its knowledgeable staff to its friendly members, it's a fantastic environment. I've had nothing but support and encouragement since I've been going. I love being a part of this great community!!
Andria Paonessa
Andria P.
I joined Crossfit Toronto 9 months ago. And I don't regret it! The coaches are very knowledgeable! As a massage therapist, that is very important because to me, form and technique is imperative. Oh, I forgot to mention, the coaches are super friendly!Theresa
Theresa Crolly
Theresa C.
I love CrossfitTO!!! I have been doing the advanced bootcamp for 2 years now and it is amazing and effective. Ryan is an amazing coach and always has new, exciting and challenging workouts for us! It just never gets old and makes me feel like a rockstar when I leave the gym! I have successfully dragged my friends to the gym and now most of them are Crossfit addicts like me! This box is amazing and I recommend everyone give it a shot. I have built significant strength with Crossfit and also make some amazing friends at the same time.
Ryna Gosalia
Ryna G.
Great coaches and fun classes which will challenge you no matter what level you are at. Great community as well.
Eileen TenCate
Eileen T.
Technical, functional and knowledgeable coaching. Meant to be tough, meant for results.
Lisa Neilly
Lisa N.
What can I say?! I love everything about CrossFit Toronto! From the amazing trainers to the awesome support and encouragement from the members. I've never felt more at home working out before and I've also never felt this excited to get there and sweat it out. Love it!
Annamaria Howard
Annamaria H.
Crossfit Toronto has expert Coaches that are attentive & very well trained. They are willing to work with anyone to modify a specific workout to your own level of ability! It's like having a great group of personal trainers...without the high cost of personal training!I thoroughly recommend Crossfit Toronto to anyone looking to get fit!
Jason W.
Jason W.
I started last year in the beginners boot camp and now have been in the advanced boot camp for 5 months. If you are looking for a workout that will kick your ass (in a good way) then CrossFit Toronto is the place for you. Ryan one of the advanced coaches makes sure you are always giving it your all but at the same time is always making sure you're not going to hurt yourself. I have noticed a huge difference and am excited the advanced boot camp is going from 3 days a week to 5. Its addicting and the results come quickly!!!!
Mike Hudson
Mike H.
I was never really into working out or keeping fit until I started going to the boot camp class every morning. It's a great atmosphere with awesome instructors. Suggest it to everyone
Jason Sanderson
Jason S.
I have been going to Crossfit Toronto for several years now and haven't looked back. The trainers at CFTO are pretty awesome and are always willing to help and coach where needed. It is more expensive than my gym was but I go more regularly, have a designed program, constant coaching, and am more consistent at going than I ever was at the gym. Highly recommend checking it out.
Evan Donohue
Evan D.
I'm a believer! The coaches are technically specific and very supportive. The gym is well equipped and I like the easy/work-hard environment. Within just a few months I became stronger and my body shape changed, woo hoo! I'm one-year in now; I feel more confident and I have gained a whole new community of friends. Showers would be great, but I guess you can't have everything.
Mary-Anne Taylor
Mary-Anne T.
Amazing, inclusive, encouraging atmosphere with coaches that are constantly pushing you to your highest level. Lots of fun/laughs/PR's!
Katie Proulx
Katie P.
Joined the gym 3+yrs ago and haven't regretted a minute - great & knowledgable training staff - growing gym with great clientele to network and connect with - highly engaging place to workout and hangout - cheers CFTO
Paul Vice
Paul V.
Awesome gym. Great, supportive community of members. I definitely see the difference in my personal fitness, appearance and energy levels over the past eight months of training here.
Ashkan Asgari
Ashkan A.
I dropped in, and CrossFit Toronto let me follow my program from my home box. The coaches and members that I met were all very nice and helpful. The equipment was nice and well kept. I suggest dropping in to anyone that is in Toronto.
Christina Gipson
Christina G.
After two months at CrossFit Toronto, must say that I absolutely love the experience. From the introductory On-Boarding with the team, they really took the time to make sure I understood the exercises and movements before progressing to the classes. Even with the classes the instructors are all amazing, they take the time to ensure that everyone, and especially the beginners such as myself understand the intricacies of the exercises. I've already seen great dividends from CrossFit, especially based on the help that staff at CrossFit Toronto provides.
Pras Chatterjee
Pras C.
Crossfit Toronto has become like a second home to us. We have been members there since 2009!!! We absolutely love the big huge space and have enjoyed many fun workouts with other members. The trainers are knowledgable, encouraging and support 'smart' programming. If you are in Toronto...I would highly recommend checking out this facility.
Cindy Sexton
Cindy S.
Crossfit Toronto has become like a second home to us. We have been members there since 2009!!! We absolutely love the big huge space and have enjoyed many fun workouts with other members. The trainers are knowledgable, encouraging and support 'smart' programming. If you are in Toronto...I would highly recommend checking out this facility.
Cindy Sexton
Cindy S.
My experience at CFTO has been outstanding. Great staff, great trainers and - for me - great results. I recently moved to the East side of the city, in large part because of the gym's location.
Giovanni Paola
Giovanni P.
Hi I'm from Bermuda I visit Toronto a few months ago and I enjoyed my training and visit! Next time I'll do more drop in classes during my visit! Thanks to the staff and fellow crossfit friends!! Thanks for the warm wellcome!!!!
Victor Richards
Victor R.
I will stay only 10 days in Toronto... May I get enroll only those days?
Erika Peña Hand
Erika Peña H.
Came down to watch the regionals and stopped in for a workout. Great Sunday morning, great staff, and fun workout. Thank you Tracy! Come see us at Crossfit Lasalle when you're in Montreal.
Steven Michael Forlini
Steven Michael F.
I'm fairly new to the world of CrossfFit (2 weeks) but have found the staff at CrossFit super welcoming and supportive. The schedule for their daily CrossFit and Bootcamp sessions suits my busy schedule (they start at 5am!). It's not a gym with flash - rather a place to work hard and have fun.
Rebecca Mackenzie
Rebecca M.
This is the original Crossfit gym in Toronto and the largest one i've seen. I've been a member for over three years and have enjoyed the people and the atmosphere. I would recommend this gym to anyone who is new to Crossfit or a seasoned veteran.
Keith Binns
Keith B.
Loved the box since stepping in the door. Achieving your fitness goals is a piece of cake when you have caring, dedicated and knowledgeable trainers who are constantly working with and supporting you along your journey. Impressive how they can push you to your limits while respecting your individual needs. And the other members are supportive and inspiring. I've worked out alongside people at every fitness level and we all have fun pushing ourselves to be better. A lot or a little.Your choice. Highly recommended.
Jason M
Jason M
I've been a CFT goer for going on five years now and have had a great time there. Friendly vibe among the members and trainers makes it the opposite of the gym experience I found such a turn off before. As with anything fitness goals you really get what you put in, but they have the equipment, space and drive to give you the tools you need to achieve them.
Michael MacSween
Michael M.
Awesome staff ! they know what they are doing, great place to experience Crossfit, I had fun working out with You guys ! See You in January !
Jarek Pietka
Jarek P.
Very strong workouts.good staff.try a trial if you can, not for everyone.
sammy becker
sammy B.
Today is my 1-year Anniversary with Crossfit Toronto - to say I'm a BIG fan is an understatement:) My results: lost 45 lbs; ran a personal-best half marathon; and feel in the best shape of my life.What I love about this place: i) The sense of community - great members - very welcoming and nobody takes themselves too seriously ii) The coaching from John & Machiko - they focus on proper form and are incredibly fun and motivating
Jeremy O'Krafka
Jeremy O.
I first did a bootcamp with them back in October 2011 and was never pushed harder as I was in terms of achieving personal bests and the level of fitness I achieved after having Ryan instruct and coach us.They really do care about your personal success, and it is genuine. It also helps that they a good sense of humour as it makes the gruelling workouts that much more fun.With respect to Walid's comment on their "poor" customer service, I've never communicated with them via email or phone, but their in person customer service was top notch. I just went there in person and asked them all of my questions. They were super friendly and gave me all the information I needed before I decided to sign up.In any case after the bootcamp, I'm now a full-time member at Crossfit Toronto and 4-pack they helped me get is just a side-benefit 🙂
Will Lam
Will L.

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